What is VPS?

What is VPS? Virtual private server (VPS)

A VPS is a virtual machine running in software on the same physical computer as other customers’ virtual machines and is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer.

Virtual private servers bridge the gap between “shared web hosting” services and “dedicated hosting” services, giving independence from other customers of the VPS service in software terms but at less cost than a physical dedicated server.

What is Cloud server?

A VPS, which is dynamic, (that is, it can be changed at runtime) is often referred to as a cloud server. Key attributes for this are:

– Additional hardware resources can be added at runtime (CPU, RAM) – Server can be moved to other hardware while the server is running (automatically according to load in some cases)

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_server

VPS providers (Monthly cost comparison)

Monthly cost Memory Memory/$ Storage Transfer
Slicehost $20.00 256MB 12.80MB 10GB 100GB
Linode $19.95 360MB 18.05MB 16GB 200GB
Prgmr $20.00 1024MB 51.20MB 24GB 160GB
Rackspace $21.90 512MB 23.38MB 20GB
Amazon $62.05 1.7GB 28.05MB 160GB

Source: journal.uggedal.com/vps-performance-comparison/


Create PDF from office documents (Print as PDF)



Mac users already have a “Save as PDF” option built into every Print dialog by default. Windows users need a an extra software.

doPDF or CutePDF installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver so after a successful installation will appear in your Printers and Faxes list.

You can Print or Scan to PDF simply choose the printer and it’ll save the document to PDF (instead of printing it on paper)

iPhone Grey App Icon – Problem Solved!

Grey App iPhone

Grey App iPhone

1- Connect your iPhone to iTunes (if you chose auto sync switch to manual)
2- Uncheck the affected apps and then sync (This will uninstall those apps from your iPhone)
3- Restart your iPhone
4- Connect your iPhone to iTunes
5- Recheck those apps and then sync again (This will Install the apps back on your iPhone)

You’re Done

Note: deleting the apps directly from your iPhone won’t solve the problem.

Stick the abovementioned steps.

Set up a self-hosted WordPress Blog

How to move your blog from WordPress.com platform to your own (self-hosted) web server?


When hosting on WordPress.com:

– You don’t have to deal with installation or upgrades
– You don’t have to create and maintain a database
– You don’t have to register a domain
– All you have to do is create your blog, and start posting
– You can have you own domain on WordPress.com

When hosting at your own (self-hosted) web server:

– You’ll have more themes
– You’ll have Google AdSense
– You’ll have Web widget
– You’ll have Plugins
– You can strengthen your search results

If you’re thinking of self-hosting you WordPress blog, you should at least have a simple understanding of the following:

– Register and host a domain Name
– Install & Run (MySQL)
– Install & Run (PHP)
– Install & Run (WordPress)

How to do it:

– Purchase a web-hosting plan (Make sure the server meets the minimum requirements to run WordPress)
– Delete spam comments on the WordPress.com blog
– Export your data from WordPress.com
– Install and configure (WordPress/PHP/MySQL) on your web server
– Import the WordPress data
– Repoint the domain name

Many web-host providers; like (bluehost.com or dreamhost.com) have a one-click installation of WordPress. This will make the process as simple as “export/import”; however, in many cases you’ll have to alert the php.ini file manually to get things up and running.

Arabic keyboard cover for Mac

KB Covers introduces the first ever Arabic keyboard cover! Just one in a series of foreign
language covers, users now have the ability to type in Arabic without the nuisance of
having to use keyboard stickers or memorize the keys.

Arabic Keyboard Cover

Compatible with:

– 13.3-inch MacBook (US Keyboard)
– 13.3-inch MacBook Air (US Keyboard)
– 13.3-inch aluminum unibody MacBook (US Keyboard)
– 13.3-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard)
– 15-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard)
– 17-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard)