Set up a self-hosted WordPress Blog

How to move your blog from platform to your own (self-hosted) web server?


When hosting on

– You don’t have to deal with installation or upgrades
– You don’t have to create and maintain a database
– You don’t have to register a domain
– All you have to do is create your blog, and start posting
– You can have you own domain on

When hosting at your own (self-hosted) web server:

– You’ll have more themes
– You’ll have Google AdSense
– You’ll have Web widget
– You’ll have Plugins
– You can strengthen your search results

If you’re thinking of self-hosting you WordPress blog, you should at least have a simple understanding of the following:

– Register and host a domain Name
– Install & Run (MySQL)
– Install & Run (PHP)
– Install & Run (WordPress)

How to do it:

– Purchase a web-hosting plan (Make sure the server meets the minimum requirements to run WordPress)
– Delete spam comments on the blog
– Export your data from
– Install and configure (WordPress/PHP/MySQL) on your web server
– Import the WordPress data
– Repoint the domain name

Many web-host providers; like ( or have a one-click installation of WordPress. This will make the process as simple as “export/import”; however, in many cases you’ll have to alert the php.ini file manually to get things up and running.