Manually backup your iPhone


How to manually backup your iPhone

There are two possible ways to get your data of off your iPhone:

Note: both option will only work on a Jailbroken iPhone

– The first one is to use an application called DiskAid available at:

– The second is via SSH

Option 1:

1- Download DiskAid

2- Open DiskAid whilst your iPhone is connected through USB

3- Drag files from and into your iPhone

Option 2:

1- Install “openSSH” via Cydia

2- Use Fugu or Cyberduck to SSH (Or any SSH Software you like)

3- Login to your iPhone (Get your phone IP Address from WiFi settings in your iPhone)

– Username: root

– Password: alpine

– Port: 22

4- Drag files from and into your iPhone


After using one of the available options navigate to and backup these files:

Note: If you use DiskAid make sure you change the path to Root folder at the bottom left of the program window





Restore and Jailbreak iPhone version 3.0:

1- when you upgrade your iPhone choose “Restore” not “Update”

2- set the Phone as “New iPhone” (After the restoration, iTunes will tell you that this phone has already been synced with this computer and if you want to restore the backup, just say “No” and set it up as “New Phone” with a new name).

To jailbreak version 3.0 download “redsn0w” from

And follow the instruction on the app.