OS X: Fix Arabic text in Safari and Mail


This is an issue that has been discussed in some detail on Apple’s forums, but has not been mentioned on Microsoft’s own support site for Office 2004 at all. Office 2004 installs its own versions of Arial and Times New Roman that do not support Arabic or other similar languages, such as Farsi and Urdu. After installing Office 2004, Arabic text in Safari and Mail will be disconnected.

To remedy this problem, delete Arial and Times New Roman from ~/Library/Fonts. This will allow Apple’s originally installed versions of the fonts in /Library/Fonts to take precedence once again.

More from the Arabic Macintosh:


If this happens, just go to FontBook, deactivate Arial (and Times New Roman, which causes the same error), or replace it with the Apple-provided version of Arial that came with your machine, and Safari will be back up and running in Arabic.

Duplicate fonts list: After installing Office 2004

1- Andale Mono
2- Arial
3- Arial Black
4- Arial Narrow
5- Arial Rounded Bold
6- Brush Script
7- Comic Sans MS
8- Georgia
9- Impact
10- Times New Roman
11- Trebuchet MS
12- Verdana